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Dwelling Place for Thought/ Plane of the Least Event
Diagram Research Group

John Latham proposed that the universe was structured by time and event rather than space and object. He used the term ‘delta’, the Greek letter (Δ) symbolising change, as an alternative measure of value. Latham states, ‘It is convenient to describe a Delta unit as referring to a unit of attention’. For Latham, time spent engaged with a subject was a more appropriate guide to value than object or monetary value.

Diagram Research Group (DRG)
16 October – 12 November



DRG Event I: David Burrows
Available from Friday 16 October
Dwelling Place for Thought/ Plane of the Least Event

DRG Event II: Mary Yacoob
Available from Friday 23 October
Addressing Space-Time Diagrams, Kinetics, Notation, and Flat Time

DRG Event III: John Cussans
Available from Friday 30 October
The Librarian’s Outburst – Explosive Orality, Cosmic Consciousness and the Art Event/Event of Art

DRG Event IV: Dean Kenning
Available from Friday 6 November
The Riddle of Time Diagram. Entropy, Value and the Social Function of Art

Sessions will accumulate over 4 weeks with a new contribution released every Friday.



The Diagram Research Group (DRG), a collaboration between artists David Burrows, John Cussans, Dean Kenning and Mary Yacoob, will conduct four illustrated discussions online that explore their interests in diagrams in relation to Flat Time and John Latham’s ideas concerning the unification of scientific and artistic bodies of knowledge and the primacy of time and event (rather than space and matter).

Each session will be led by one member of the group who will initiate conversations engendering dialogical association and abductive reasoning, whereby images will be discussed and hypothesis presented. Each session will be accompanied by a picture wall of images and diagrams referenced in the discussions and a portfolio of diagrams generated by DRG in response to them.


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